August 2020

Three fixed potholes now flat

Quick Fix for Small Potholes

by Dorothy Ainsworth


Like most country dwellers, I'm constantly working on my long graveled road into my property. I rake and pick often, and haul in small truckloads of gravel from time to time. This year it developed a few potholes that turned into tiny ponds when it rained.

Instead of carrying several flat rocks over to fill them up, I had an epiphany (pain is the mother of invention): I'd buy a few bags of Quikrete and dump it in the holes, water it down, rake it flat, throw a bucket of gravel on top (3/4 minus), and make my own big flat rock. It worked beautifully!


No more miniature lakes to splash into when wet, and no more dips to bump along in when dry. It cost me $3-10 per pothole. If too many develop I'll have the road graded, but for a few potholes, this is the way to go!

A good time to fix them is right after a rain when they are obvious. Just dump the right amount of dry concrete in the already wet holes (1-3 bags) mix it with a hoe, and rake it flat.